Targetti Italy

Targetti are an Italian company who design and manufacture interior and exterior architectural lighting products. These products combine advanced lighting technologies, performance, functionality and aesthetic beauty.


Simes Italy

Simes are an Italian company who design and manufacture state of the art exterior architectural lighting products. With many years of R & D in LED, Simes produce innovative, recyclable, high performance exterior light fittings.


Schuch Germany

Schuch are a German company who have for over 100 years manufactured and designed technical light fittings for industrial use. Their range includes explosion protected fittings, dustproof and weather proof fittings and emergency fittings.


Neri Italy

Neri are an Italian company who design and create unique outdoor lighting and street furniture items with a special focus on creating technological and design solutions that work well within their architectural context.


Lightnet Germany

Lightnet is a specialist in professional building illumination, striving for differentiation through the use of organic and geometric shapes, creating high quality, exceptional performance luminaires that enhance and complement the spaces they inhabit.


I B L United Kingdom

The IBL lighting range represents the best of what the company embodies. IBL is driven by a mix of architectural lighting and engineering advances. Our clients continue to inspire us to develop solutions that utilise and embrace the latest technology in architectural lighting.


Securelite France

Securelite is a French company focused on providing high quality, sustainable lighting solutions, centred around achieving Longer Life, Reduced Maintenance, Superior Light Control, and Energy Savings.


Disano Italy

Disano are an Italian company who design and manufacture quality, reliable lighting products for industrial and commercial applications. They are European leaders in industrial and sports lighting.


Dialight UK / USA

Dialight from the USA specialize in LED lighting technology. They offer a line of high-specification lighting fixtures specifically designed for industrial, commercial and hazardous locations.